Ad Action: Five Strategies for Marketing your Business

Ad Action, Five Strategies for Marketing your BusinessWhen it comes to business, it is incredibly important to set yourself apart from your competition. In order to survive, you need to make sure that you are the first thing people think of when they want your product or service. While some companies are just blending in with typical and average marketing, here are six strategies for marketing your business that will really stand out.


Viral Marketing

With today’s world of social media and quick content, viral marketing is a huge option when it comes to quickly getting noticed. A six-second video that is made from a smartphone can have more of a reach than a 30-second commercial that costs thousands of dollars to create. Viral marketing consists of not only creating something catchy, but also getting lucky. But if you are creative enough to create something that people will love, you can really gain some attention for your company.


Give Back

It is important to realize that your business is more than just a paycheck for you. It is also a functioning member of society and your community. It is wise for you to consider the people in your community and give back to them. Consider doing community service or donating to a good cause. Setting up a scholarship opportunity is another great idea. These options are not only good for the community, but they’ll also help your brand get its name out there in a positive light.


Promotional Gifts

People love promotional gifts because they usually consist of things that they often need, but don’t necessarily want to buy on their own. These promotional products can be imprinted with your company’s logo and contact details so every time they are used by current and potential customers, you gain marketing exposure. Promotional drinkware, shirts, computer accessories and more are all items that you can give to people so they are consistently reminded of you every time they use the gift. Promo drinkware itemsitems are also great for parties, as it’ll help spread your businesses name in social events and gatherings. Promotional products like these act as walking billboards, ensuring that you gain repeated marketing exposure every time they are used by recipients.


Customer Appreciation

Be sure that you give back to your customers. Whether you offer a discount card for frequent buyers or a discount for military or the service industry, there are plenty of options out there that your customers will greatly appreciate. Also, discounts for students are perfect for those who don’t have much money to spend anyways, so they know they will get the best deal with your business.


Find Your Brand

Whatever it is that your company excels at, brand it. For some, it may be a unique product. For others, it may be unbeatable customer service. Every company and business has its own niche, so it is vital to assure that you capitalize on it and take advantage of that specific brand.

Growing your business can be done in a variety of ways. But consider the strategies on this list to market your business in a way that others may not have considered. That will set you apart and assure that your customers think of you.