How to Get Custom Equipment for Your Unique Business

Some of the most successful businesses fill a niche market and offer services or products that no one else can provide. However, finding the right equipment is often a challenge when you own a unique business. Whether you run a doll repair shop, rent out chickens or operate a lice-removal service, these four tips can help you source the custom equipment you need.

Shop Online

Searching for specialty equipment on the internet might seem like the obvious solution, and it’s often the most effective way to get exactly what you need. Specialty stores make it easy to find unique equipment or have it made to order. If you’re looking for the best price, consider using an online auction site to score deals on used equipment.

Purchase from Other Businesses

Another entrepreneur’s loss can be your gain when you shop going-out-of-business sales. Purchasing from another business is a great way to get custom equipment cheap. For example, the custom pressure gauges that a defunct jam and jelly company bought new from a pressure gauge distributor might be perfect for your organic dog food venture. You can also scout existing businesses that are similar to yours for any equipment they might be selling.

Check Social Media

Your favorite social media site is an unexpected source of custom business equipment. Many small makers of custom equipment advertise on social media because they lack the resources to purchase websites or advertising campaigns. You can also find plenty of used equipment for sale on social media. A nice bonus that comes with shopping for equipment on social media is the large amount of reviews that often accompany vendor pages.

Go to Auctions

Before the internet, there were auction houses. Auctions are still a great way to source custom equipment for your business. Many defunct businesses sell their used equipment at auctions, but the real deals come from creditors who sell items at deep discounts from clients who defaulted on their loans. New equipment can also be found at auctions, usually from custom manufacturers or distributors selling surplus items.

Although these four ideas are great ways to find custom equipment for your business, you might still come up short. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t despair. A little elbow grease may be necessary to fill your unique business needs. Many pieces of equipment can be easily altered with a little creativity and know-how, or consult a professional to do the work for you.