Rush Regret: What Can Go Wrong after an ASAP Business Relocation

There are many reasons why you may need to relocate your office to a new location quickly, such as if your landlord decides not to renew your lease. In some cases, business owners may simply rush through the selection of a new business location because of a busy schedule or a lack of focus. Your business location dramatically impacts many aspects of your operation. By making a hasty decision when relocating your business, negative effects could plague you for years.

An Impractical Location

At first glance, there may be many office locations around town that seem amazing. For example, an office on a busy corner with a well-known address may seem like it would add clout to your company’s reputation and help it to seem more well-established. However, if the location is in a congested area and is far from where most of your employees live, it may be impractical and inconvenient for them or for your clients to reach. In extreme cases, this could result in the loss of valued employees and clients.

Higher-Than-Expected Overhead

Some business owners may be so eager to snatch up an office space that they fail to read the fine print. For example, they may not read that they are responsible for paying utilities and a prorated portion of the property taxes. Using office development services may help you to understand the expenses that you will be responsible for throughout the term of your lease or while you are a property owner.

Limited Parking

Ample parking should be available for your employees as well as for clients and customers. Some office parks and retail centers have very limited parking. Nearby businesses may use more than their share of available spaces, and this can make an already-tight parking situation even worse. Parking can be a source of daily frustration for you and your team, and it can negatively impact your relationship with customers and clients.

Failure to Plan for Future Growth

If you need to relocate quickly to accommodate growth, it is important to plan ahead for future growth. When you move into a space that is well-suited for current needs, you may be committing your business to be in that space for at least the next few years. However, if the rate of growth continues, this space may be impractical going forward.

Your business location affects everything from employee and customer satisfaction to practicality, growth accommodation, your budget and more. Seek professional assistance when selecting a new business space so that you can make a more informed decision.