Small Business with a Big Voice: 4 Ways to Effectively Advertise

Small business owners who succeed know that you need more than a great product. Building a small business takes passion, a vision for your future and a lot of hard work. To make sure that your products and services are getting attention, you will need to target your advertising campaigns.

Get Online

If you’re busy building a business, you’re probably not busy building your online presence such as a website or a Facebook page. The idea of getting online and putting together an ineffective or unsecure web page can be downright frightening. However, with some help from services such as Fiverr, you can create and promote a Facebook business page for very little money. Ask your friends and family to help promote your work as well. As you gain more followers, you can expand your outreach more by setting up contests and incentives for people to comment on, like, and share your business’s page.

Get Charitable

To catch more local attention for your business and build a strong base of community support, consider sponsoring a local cause, team, or event. By getting your business name into programs and onto t-shirts and other promotional items, you will build your brand as someone who cares about their neighbors. This will make your company a trusted part of the community, where people will refer one another.

Get Quoted

You have put a lot of work into learning about your field, which is why you were able to build a small business. There is no reason you can’t show off this expertise in order to promote yourself. If you have skill as a carpenter, create an authoritative YouTube video on how to choose the best lumber for an outdoor project. When spring rolls around, contact local news stations with your suggestions and see if you can be included as an expert on a new segment teaching people how to do some DIY renovations or repairs. Your standing as an expert will elevate your personal brand and make you the go-to person for all things lumber.

Get More Audience

Always keep your audience and their specific desires in mind to guide your advertising. Audience targeted TV advertising makes your message more compelling. Our small business carpentry shop can target both local and cable television audiences with advertising that tugs on the home improvement heartstrings. If people are sick of winter, show them your custom patio construction. If the Christmas commercials hit the airwaves, break away from the power of consumerism and show a family enjoying a delicious meal in a beautiful kitchen that your skill can provide. You are selling more than a product or a service. Instead, you are selling a pathos, creating a mindset and emotion will stick with your audience.

Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean you can’t reach a wide audience. You can build awareness of your company locally or more widely with just a few simple steps. To boost your business, make yourself visible online, be active in the local community, share your expertise, and keep your potential clients in mind when setting up your advertising.