4 Tips for Going Global with Your Business

One of the most exciting parts about your business is when you’ve reached the point for expansion. Not just expansion across the state either–global expansion. Through hard work, tough decisions, and true grit, you’ve finally grown your business to the point where it can start seeking customers outside of your own country. Before you make any final decisions, however, it’s important to do careful planning. After all, going global can either be a great way to increase your profits, or it can be a disaster that could ruin your business. Utilize these four tips to help your business succeed in the global market.

Home Logistics

You already have a logistics plan at home for your domestic shipments. However, you’re going to need something separate for your international shipments. Separating the two, alone, is a good choice to ensure that packages don’t get lost and they can be pushed out quickly. One of the aspects of logistics that you should consider is using a company, like Fox Packaging Services, for your pallet wrapping. You need your product to reach your logistics team as quickly as possible for shipment. Since your products have a lot of traveling to do, you want to ensure that they’re protected the whole way through with snugged packaging.

International Shipping

Once they’ve reached the international shores, you also need to ensure that you have a good connection with a shipping team over there. They may have different standards then what you are used to. Working with them directly and informing them of your expectations can help ensure that your packages reach where they’re supposed to in a timely fashion. Push for tracking numbers, so both you and your customer can keep an eye on its progress the entire way.


An aspect that many business owners don’t consider when going global is the differences in culture. In the United States, for example, culture is largely the same from state to state. That isn’t the case internationally. Your product needs to be able to connect with each culture that you’re delivering to, otherwise, they won’t be interested in it.

Customer Care

With international borders comes different languages. You want to be able to provide customer care for those customers, too. Having a care team that is capable of speaking different languages is vital.

Going global comes with its financial risks. These four tips can help your business succeed internationally.