4 Ways Businesses Can Be More Green in Their Production Practices

It has been a trend in recent years for businesses to adopt the practice of “going green.” Not only does this address the environmental crisis, but it also improves efficiency and creates a better brand image in the eyes of customers and investors. There are many ways to lower your carbon footprint, but here are four of the most important steps your business can take.

Conduct energy audits

Although energy costs are a major factor for industrial businesses, most of these companies don’t conduct annual energy audits. It’s important to thoroughly assess how much energy is needed versus how much is actually consumed in order to have more efficient productivity. An energy audit can identify which systems need to be improved or replaced. For example, higher efficiency power equipment such as steam generators can help cut costs and reduce harmful pollutants.

HVAC and lighting

A large part of factory expenses comes under the area of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Lighting is also another consideration where power consumption is concerned. Use a programmable thermostat to keep temperatures at an adequate level without overtaxing the system. Make sure the facilities are properly insulated so that the system requires less work to achieve the right temperatures.

For more efficient lighting, look for energy-efficient products and automated systems that can turn lights out when they’re not necessary. For example, LED lighting is usually more efficient than incandescent bulbs. They last 25 times longer and use 75% less energy.

Go paperless

It’s common for organizations to use paper fliers and bulletin boards for communications to employees, but that method requires a lot of printing. This wastes paper, ink and electricity that increases expenses and harms the environment. Rather than passing out fliers, your company could implement a digital platform that sends messages to people’s smartphones or other mobile devices. These are common enough these days that this should not be difficult.

Green cleaning products

Most cleaning products are full of chemicals that are harmful to the environment. They can also create breathing hazards for employees or customers if they are not used properly. Nowadays there are many green cleaning supply companies where your business can get safer and more environmentally friendly products. Green products use recyclable containers and don’t contain chemicals that will pollute the environment.

By using these four steps, your business will gain many advantages and make important steps toward becoming more green. When these sustainable practices are put into action, your company will benefit from tax incentives, become more operationally efficient and increase profits.