5 Promotional Products That People Will Actually Use

Promotional products are most effective when they are used regularly by customers for years and generate thousands of impressions and views for your company. To achieve that goal, your promotional products need to follow two important guidelines. First, your products have to be well-designed in order to go the distance—cheap pens, for instance, will break or be thrown away. Second, your promotional products also have to be useful for your customers—if they don’t use the products, no one will see them. With these caveats in mind, consider these five promotional products that customers will actually use below.

Logoed Water Bottles

With so many people focusing on the health benefits of drinking water, many people have reusable water bottles to take on the go. Giving out water bottles with your logo on them means that you will get thousands of positive impressions, and people will likely associate your business with health.

Just make sure that you’re using quality materials and that your logo won’t be wiped clean the first time that a customer throws the water bottle in the dish washer. Giving out a water bottle at a hot event like a picnic or corporate outing is a good idea, too, since that increases the chances that people will use the bottle then and there.

Tech Tools

Promotional products centered on people’s tech-oriented lifestyles is a surefire way to deliver items that people will continue to use. Think smartphone chargers, portable speakers, and USB drives. As long as these promotional products are made from quality materials, they’re very unlikely to be immediately tossed in the trash because they serve a clear purpose and are likely to be useful in the future.

Fun & Games

Not everything considered valuable and useful for customers has to be serious or work-oriented. Lately, one of the most popular promotional products are cornhole (bean bags) boards with a company’s logo printed on them. Many companies are also utilizing logoed playing cards and even custom design condoms as promotional items.

Promotional Tote Bags

Logoed totes are especially useful as promotional items because your logo is almost always visible when they’re in use. In fact, totes generate more total impressions than any other promotional item. Women are about a third more likely than men to own a promotional tote bag, but no one is likely to turn down extra storage, especially when they need an extra hand. It’s a good idea to give these out at fairs, expos, or conferences—places where many businesses are giving out promotional items, and people need somewhere to store all their new knick-knacks.

Custom Drinkware

An estimated 53 percent of people own some kind of promotional drinkware, usually coffee mugs that feature a company’s logo. Custom drinkware can also include ceramic promotional products, beer steins, and hydration backpacks in addition to the water bottles already mentioned. Potential customers definitely appreciate your company going the extra effort with your promotional products.

As you’re promoting your business, remember that you customers will keep the products that are useful far longer than they’ll keep flashy, gimmicky products. Promotional products that are made from high-quality materials and deemed useful by most people will be kept and used and will continue to consistently generate impressions for years.