Above and Beyond: 4 Ways to Improve Communication with Your Employees

The way that you interact with your employees will determine the overall success of your business. Communication helps your business become more innovative as employees exchange ideas to come up with a one-of-a-kind solution to a problem. Communication also helps to strengthen relationships and reduce office disputes.

Create a Culture of Openness

If you want your employees to be free to express themselves, you have to make it a company policy. Let them know that they can approach the management and tell them about any issues that they may be facing. As the leader, you can be an example. Every day, tell your employees good morning. As you’re making the rounds, ask them about how they have been. When you create such a culture, your organization becomes more open and employees speak up more.

Listen to Your Employees

Keep your communication constant. You can schedule monthly one-on-one meetings with every employee to find out how they are doing. As they talk, listen to them and ask questions. That way, you will find out more about your workforce.

Be Aware of Your Body Language

Another way to improve communication with your employees is to watch out for the non verbal cues. Anytime you are talking to your employee, smile and maintain eye contact. You have to show the employee that you are interested in what they have to say so that they can feel more open around you.

Customize Your Communication

You have to know that not everyone is the same. There are some employees that understand things better when you use visuals, and there are those ones that prefer practical examples. There are others that love to be engaged during a conversation. They want you to ask them questions. Take time to know your employees and figure out which methods works for every individual. You may also need to customize your communication depending on your job field. Some industries might benefit from two way radio installers, while others might need an in-person communication plan in place.

Communication can help build team work amongst your employees. Other benefits are mentioned above. Another important tip is that you should never criticize your employee in public or in front of their peers even if they have done something wrong. Let them save face by calling them aside to tell them what they did wrong.