Avenues for Advertising: How to Create a Sustainable Campaign

You want your company to stand out. To get your brand in front of the people who will purchase your products and services, it takes creativity and forward thinking. Advertising through the same channel over and over will not get you the results it once did.

Create a Brand

Entrepreneur say businesses need to plaster the company name everywhere. From plastic signage to mobile advertising, your logo should appear in as many places as you can put it. Take advantage of online sites that offer free advertising. Use social media posts to talk to online customers where they are the most comfortable. Billboards are still a great place to begin advertising a new or revamped brand.

Know Your Target Audience

It does no good to advertise if you do not know who wants or needs your business. You may know the basics about your client base, but do you know favorite shopping sites, frequented stores, most liked attractions, and routine outings? Experts suggest using polls and surveys to find out who is interested in your services. When you find favorite podcasts and bookstores your client uses, it will help you know where to look for similar customers.

Stay on Top of the Data

Google Analytics and other tracking programs can help you collect information and organize it in readable reports. By looking at the overall statistics each day and giving the numbers an in-depth look every week, you can spot patterns and trends that let you anticipate your customers’ needs. Tracking data can keep you more competitive than blindly throwing advertising dollars at the campaign.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Diversify your brand and show up everywhere. Use social media sites and free online advertising pages. Put your contact information in popular directories like Yelp and Google. A word to the wise here, be sure all the information is complete and consistent. Any variation can cost you top page rankings on search engines.

Advertise smartly with the data to back up your decisions to build a long-term campaign that gets your brand the recognition and attention you want. Advertising no longer means hitting up local radio and television stations and putting up a billboard. Businesses have to combine online and offline tactics. Mobile marketing is extremely vital to any company, large or small. By planning and tracking your advertising dollars, you can hone in on the customers who will be loyal and stick with your brand for the long haul.