Cost-Effective Tips to Upgrade to a Better Car

Have you been wondering if it is a good time to upgrade your car? Have you been eyeing newer models, or has your current vehicle been spending more time in the shop than it has on the road? The biggest roadblock to you doing this is probably just your budget, and that’s no small hurdle. However, there are ways that you can have your cake and eat it too.

The most important thing to remember when you upgrade your car is that you should be buying a new USED car. Here are some huge reasons why:

1. You can save a lot of money. The depreciation amount on any brand new car is huge in the first two years of ownership. This means that after two years of owning your new car, the value of the car has dropped drastically. In contrast, purchasing a car that is two or three years old allows you to not only save money upfront, but the value of the car will not drop off as drastically in the next few years.

2. You can now get an extended warranty on many used vehicles. Brand new cars come with warranties. For a long time, warranties were not available on used vehicles. Luckily this is no longer the case. Many used cars can now be purchased with an extended warranty. This means you no longer have to sacrifice peace of mind to save money. Now you can have both!

3. You don’t have to sacrifice the appearance of having a new car. A used car can be relatively new, but far cheaper than a brand new car. Many used vehicles will even look exactly the same as the current brand new model. If you are worried that everyone will know you bought a used car, think again.

In particular, 2019 has been shaping up to be an excellent year as a car purchaser. First of all, prices have dropped because fewer people have been buying cars in recent years, which has led to increased competition between the dealerships to get as many sales as possible. Since the overall pie of customers has been smaller, all of the dealerships are scrambling to get the biggest piece of the pie. Increased competition between dealerships means lower prices for customers. And if you are careful in choosing a dealership, the increased competition should mean better service too.

Also, you have more used car choices than ever before. Fewer people parting with their money leads to more cars left on the lots and this means you have more used cars to choose from.

For a Real Upgrade, Look for “Luxury” Dealerships

Here’s a truly genius tip that you maybe have not heard before. Luxury car owners tend to really care about their cars. Even those who hope to one day own a luxury car tend to treat their cars really well in the meantime. This means many of the cars traded into a luxury dealership have been well maintained and often have minimal wear and tear evidence inside. And not all of the cars traded into a luxury car dealership are luxury cars. The car you are considering might be sitting on the lot already! Consequently, you can snag a beautiful car, SUV, or even a minivan in great shape at a fraction of the price. While your family may not treat the car you choose the same way as a car enthusiast, starting out with a car that’s been well taken care of will benefit your family in the long run.

Important Things to Remember

If you aren’t in a good financial situation to get a new car, then don’t. Instead, look at how simple upgrades can drastically improve the performance and look of your vehicle. Stripping off the old paint or giving your muffler an upgrade can give you the same satisfaction as a new vehicle but at a fraction of the cost.

In Closing!

If you are thinking about purchasing a new car in the next few years, consider taking advantage of the incredible opportunities that exist now for purchasing a new used car, so long as you’re in a good financial position.. Don’t pass up the opportunity to get the most car for your money, receive better service from the dealership, and have so many great choices!