Entrepreneur on a Budget? 4 Tips for Transforming Outdated Shop Space

First of all, congratulations on your new venture! Now that you’ve got a building, it’s time to clear out that tired old décor and put the building bones to use. Consider the following suggestions designed to update your new building by going old school.

Get Rid of Dropped Ceilings

A simple way to clear out a boring or outdated design is to expose the beams. An open feel will make anyone who visits your space feel more welcome.

Be sure to have the entire structure checked out by a commercial roofer if you find any moisture, mold or other indications of leaking.

Go Industrial

As you take out the ceiling, you will likely find that you have more walls than really suit your goals for this venture. Consult with a professional to determine which walls are load-bearing and which can be removed easily.

The process of selective demolition at the hands of a professional is critical. No one can know what work may have been done in the past and there may be factors, even in non-load bearing walls, that can make this demolition hazardous. Be ready to call in a structural expert if needed.

Create Temporary Dividers

Once the space is open, consider investing in temporary dividers you can move as needed. Dividing screens and even industrial curtains, hung on tracks that can be easily mounted to the exposed beams, can help you divide your space into temporary rooms as you grow the business.

Be Ready Spend on Electrical

While you will need to stash a contingency budget for your renovation to have when unknown items crop up, do be sure and save a sizable chunk of your renovation budget for electrical updates.

Lighting, audio and cable wiring are crucial to any new business. No matter what you’re doing with the space, you will need access to plenty of power. Whenever possible, electrical updates to the building should be done before you start working in the space. Run as much power and add as much lighting as you can afford. Even if you don’t use all of it now, it will add to the value of your space.

Putting a new face on an old building is a thrilling way to work. As an entrepreneur, you are always on the lookout for new opportunities. Enjoy this one!