Entrepreneurship is the Spirit of Job Creation

Every person at some point in their lives dreams of being their own boss. Many will never take on the challenge, but for those who have entrepreneurship in their blood, the insatiable hunger to rise above the rest and be their own boss is unstoppable.

As great of a feeling as it is to be you own boss, entrepreneurship actually stands for much more. Entrepreneurship is the spirit of job creation itself. What happens when you create your own business is that eventually, if all goes well, your business becomes too much for you to handle by yourself. You then have to hire employees and this is the essence of job creation.

Without the entrepreneurship drive that so many have there would be no jobs for those who don’t necessarily have the passion to be their own bosses. When you think about it, ever business that exists today was at some point in time someone’s brainchild. From phones to electricity, someone had to have the entrepreneurship drive to put it all in motion and start a business.

Take automobile manufacturer Ford for example. This car company was started by one man, Henry Ford, who didn’t have much of an education, but he had a lot of entrepreneurship drive. Now the company has been around for over a century and because of one man’s entrepreneurship spirit, many tens of thousands of jobs have been created.

So the next time you are bitten by the entrepreneurship bug, maybe you should give your idea a go. You never know how many jobs you can create or how many lives you can change until you take that first step of going into business for yourself and becoming your own boss. Just remember, in the end, you may become more than your own boss, you may become the boss of many others as well.