Expanding Your Business: How to Keep Constant Communication across Multiple Locations

Expanding your business to additional locations in different cities is exciting, but it can be difficult to maintain easy, effective communication between these locations. Technology is key, of course, but not all communications technologies are created equal. To help you keep your business running smoothly, here’s a quick, handy guide to maintaining constant communication across multiple business locations.

Leadership Matters

One of the keys to keeping multiple locations connected is to have central leadership voices updating employees on successes, failures and changes. However you decide to implement this, make sure all employees receive updates from leadership; it keeps them informed and can boost their sense of importance. One possibility is to send out weekly company ‘newsletters’ to all workers.

Use Cloud Computing

There’s a reason that most new companies are using the cloud to store and manage all of their data. Cloud computing is fast and cheap: there’s no need to waste time figuring out how many servers to buy, and your company email can be ready to go in a matter of days. It’s worth keeping in mind that some tech experts have concerns about the security of cloud computing, although this risk is minimized by the ability to turn off all related technologies with a simple flick of a switch.

Use Remote Desktops

Remote desktops allow employees to run programs on a remote server while displaying the ‘screen’ locally on personal devices. This makes them an extremely valuable tool for remote employees, but another unexpected benefit of remote desktops is data security. The network’s server will store all remote files and applications in a single, secure location, which means there’s no threat of a security breach if an employee’s laptop is lost or stolen. Even if a thief manages to break into a company device, all important files are stored on a remote server instead of locally on the device hard drive.

Encourage Constant Communication

Perhaps the single best way to keep disparate locations connected is to encourage employees at all levels of your business to stay in constant communication with each other. This will largely be done using company email, but you might also consider implementing text services for convenience. A text service allows you to log on to any device and send and receive text messages through your current office phone. This means you can send out mass texts to all employees from anywhere in the world and have it show up as a message from the office phone.