Manager Training: How to Make the Best of Your Abilities

Working for a company you respect in a position you enjoy may naturally begin to point to an eventual managerial role. However, management positions are not just inherited via employee seniority. They must be earned, often with a bit of extra training or preparation by employees who set their sites on that career goal. If you are sure you have what it takes to go the distance with added responsibilities, but simply need some additional insight or polish, here are some steps you can take before applying for a management opening.

Pursue Extended Education

Earning a bachelor’s degree helps to open many important doors in the business world. Even if your major is not directly related to your job duties, a well-rounded education and receiving a college degree demonstrates that you have what it takes to continue learning and to make it to the finish line, which are priority managerial skills. If you already have a college degree, earning additional graduate credits in courses related to your job duties or to management principles further prepares you for a higher-level administrative position, further underscoring your commitment to a meaningful managerial career.

Get Executive Coaching

Hiring an executive coach provides the opportunity to work individually with an expert who can advise you on how to continue climbing the corporate ladder in a given industry. An executive coach or mentor who specializes in your profession can advise you about the pitfalls as well as prepare you for the skills you need to master in order to assume managerial responsibilities.

Consider Job Shadowing

Rather than job shadowing in its simplest sense, you can arrange to spend time observing or assisting those in your organization, or elsewhere, who have a position that you would someday like to have. Watching the role in action during a typical workday can be eye-opening and provide observational experience about what the job entails. When you get an interview, you will be able to discuss the job and its duties in an insightful way.

Go the Extra Mile

Put in some extra time on the job by participating in workshops, seminars, or other types of worksite training that may equip you for the type of managerial job you hope to get. Technology, communications, and customer relations are valuable skills that fit in everywhere. Consider substituting for an absentee manager to show your interest and get some on-the-job training, even in the basic job skills.

Basic steps like these may soon lead to the job of your dreams. Learn all you can about the next phase of your career to be ready when opportunity knocks.