Morale Boosters: 5 Unique Things That can Lift Your Team’s Spirit at Work

As a manager, you need to be aware, not only of sales figures and where to save money but of employee morale. An unhappy or unmotivated team indicates that your employees aren’t feeling recognized or encouraged at work. Here are five unique things that can lift your team’s spirit at work.


Your office might not be Buckingham Palace, but that doesn’t mean it can’t benefit from a bit of decorating. Drab cubicles and plain walls can be livened up through some aesthetic consideration. You could put up bright paintings and indoor plants to add some color. When your employees come to work, they should feel emboldened, not demotivated, by their surroundings.


Birthday Celebrations

Remember how special your birthday made you feel as a kid? That doesn’t have to go away. You should throw birthday celebrations for your employees. See what birthdays are approaching and make plans to purchase a cake and decorations for each one. Being honored for the day can make your employees feel like they’re truly valued.


Theme Days

When you’re working in an office, the days can really run together. It can be hard for your employees to stay motivated if everything seems to be a blur. Think of theme days that you can use to give them a change of pace. These could be in honor of existing holidays or be goofy ones that you make up, such as a day for wearing orange shirts.


Treat Them to Lunch

Ordering food in can be a great way to show appreciation for your employees. You can make it a random surprise, a reward for meeting a goal, or something you do on a weekly basis. Ask your employees about what kind of food they like the most and find something that would satisfy everyone. Pizza delivery is a treat your employees will be very grateful for.



To get something out of work, people need more than a paycheck. They need their work to be recognized. When someone does well, you should express your admiration. In addition to giving your verbal gratitude, you can also consider printing trophies and certificates for your employees and giving them rewards such as bonuses or additional vacation time.


You hold a tremendous amount of power at work, and it goes beyond your authority to direct people. You also have the power to influence moods and overall morale. When you make a point of giving your employees a better work experience, you’re proving that you truly care about them, as employees and as people.