Office Renovations: 5 Ways to Better Accommodate Your Employees

Renovations are a tricky business even when you aren’t trying to run a business at the same time. You not only have to accommodate the construction workers, but your employees and potential customers. Here are some solutions that can help you to better accommodate your employees so that they can remain productive.


Design a Plan

Before you undertake any type of renovation, you need to develop a plan of action. Design the building in such a way as to make it function at the most optimal level. Another thing to take into consideration is the lay of the land. This will dictate the scale of the renovation that will be feasible.


Create an Information Hub

Designate a place in which to communicate your plans and goals in regards to the renovation. Inform all of your employees about this centralized location. Make sure to keep it up-to-date and relevant. It should also include items like timetables and any delays that you’re currently experiencing.


Focus on Productivity Efforts

Consider relocating work areas so that there is a minimal amount of disruption. This can prove to be detrimental to your business. You don’t want to lose customers and productivity because of your employees being unable to complete their job functions. Allow your employees to vent any frustrations that they have and develop solutions to solve their productivity dilemmas.


Have Innovative Work Solutions

Now may be the time to implement more digital work solutions. You may even want to consider allowing employees to work off-site or from home. This will minimize the amount of downtime that your business will experience due to the disruptions caused by the renovations. Another thing to consider is restroom needs. Look into using a porta potty for construction sites to alleviate some of the traffic through the office spaces.


Provide Renovation Updates

Send out regular updates in regards to your renovation plans and completed projects. Include your customers in some of the more landmark updates as well. You want everyone to feel included in the process so that they will have more buy-in to it. Your renovation success should be something that causes a great deal of excitement around the company.


Accommodating employees during times of great upheaval caused by renovation can be a bit of a challenge. Find unique ways so that your employees don’t up and leave you during it. Use these tips to get you started in better accommodating your employees during this stressful time period.