Organize Your Data: Tips to Keep Track of Your Customer Correspondences

Companies that operate entirely online have a lot of data to contend with. From customer contact information to product reviews and opinions on social media, these online companies need to find effective ways to keep track of their customers’ correspondences. The following four ideas are innovative ways for businesses to do just that.

Use Ticket Tracking Software

It’s almost impossible for any business owner to stay on top of customer support requests. As customers can request support from channels like social media, phone, email, and chats, it can be overwhelming to singlehandedly address these issues. However, with the use of ticket tracking software, brands can record issues in an organized way and can resolve them in a timelier fashion. 

Use Entity Extraction and Name Matching

Online businesses typically have vast amounts of data to wade through. Whether it’s buyers’ contact information or duplicate customer accounts, dealing with all of this data can be particularly time consuming and exhausting. Thankfully, the business owner can use entity extraction services to make sense of all this information. With entity extraction services like NetOwl, businesses are able to use their Big Data Analysis services to analyze and understand their data. Additionally, this company allows for identity analytics, which makes it easy to match records of multiple accounts with the same person.

Rely on Cloud-Based Software

Cloud-based software is a flexible solution that allows businesses to access data from anywhere they have an internet connection. With cloud-based apps, storage solutions, and software, businesses are better able to stay on top of their interactions with their customers. With access to these solutions from any mobile device, these businesses will automatically improve their efficiency and help to resolve any issues sooner, leading to an increase in customer loyalty. 

Offer Support Through Customer Portals

Businesses should consider the benefits of customer portals. These portals give customers the option to seek support on their own rather than contacting customer support via email, online chat, or the phone. As 75% of customers prefer to handle their service or product issues by themselves, the option of having an online customer portal is particularly beneficial. In the online portals, customers can create, manage, and review their tickets, documents, and policies. Additionally, this portal gives them access to helpful articles and instructional videos, making it easier to familiarize themselves with the brand and get the support they need. 

Don’t be overwhelmed by all the various data and customer information in your business. With these four strategies in mind, you’ll be able to stay on track of your customer correspondence.