Protect Your Employees: 4 Hidden Dangers in Your Office Space

You may sit at your work desk every day and not notice the many hazards you face in your daily working life. The office is one of the leading areas of concern in terms of health and safety with Safety and Health Magazine reporting the major concerns for office workers are falls and being struck by objects. Don’t run this risk for your employees and consider the four hidden dangers that could be lurking in your office.

Slip, Trip, and Fall Possibilities

Firstly, what do you class as your office space? Is it simply the area you work in or is it the property you travel to each day to work? The exterior of your building can be a problem area for slips when inclement weather is seen in your area. Within your office space, you should make sure all cords are secured to the ground and any spills are cleaned up in a speedy fashion.

Ergonomic Injuries

Perhaps the most dangerous part of your office space is the area you spend the longest in, the office chair. If you are spending the majority of your time sitting in an office chair you can quickly slide into bad habits that can cause serious injuries. Among the many injuries you can be affected by are those of poor posture, back problems, and hunched shoulders. Not getting enough exercise is another problem caused by the humble office chair which is often seen as a major part of the obesity epidemic.

The Break Room Is Filled with Germs

One of the most popular parts of any office space is the break room where many workers eat lunch or grab a cup of coffee. These rooms are often the place we enjoy the most, but refrigerators, ice machines, and coffeemakers need to be cleaned and maintained to avoid germs building up and making us sick. A second problem is the number of germs found in the break room found when your colleagues do not wash their hands.

Broken Office Equipment

For some environments, this danger may not be applicable. However, for even small retail shops this can become a concern. Take a look around your office and consider the equipment you use for your business functions. An industrial business might find their industrial fan products need a tune up, a restaurant might be due for a grease trap cleanup. Be aware of any maintenance your equipment needs to prevent hidden dangers.

Most people spend eight hours in an office space. It should become a comfortable space where they can feel safe. If you are a business owner, be responsible for your employees and keep in mind the above hidden dangers that could cause an accident.