Stop The Invasion: How to Secure Your Business Against Bugs

You have enough to worry about in your job, and you shouldn’t let bugs overrun your business. If you have a pest problem, there are steps that you can and should take to make your workplace a bug-free environment for the sake of all who work there. Here are some of the best ways to secure your business against bugs.

Keep Your Work Environment Clean

Even though you likely try to clean the more frequently used areas of your building regularly, you may still be missing details that could contribute to a pest problem. Small traces of food that haven’t been cleaned can attract hungry bugs, so it’s important to have detailed cleanings performed weekly, on top of general daily maintenance, so that even the smallest morsels aren’t left behind. All trash, including papers and other scraps and debris that could hide bugs and allow them to nest, should also be removed.

Repair Openings

Some openings that may have gone unnoticed can allow bugs to get into your business. Windows and doors that are sealed poorly can provide the perfect entranceways for critters. You should have your walls inspected to identify any cracks that need to be sealed. Bugs may also be getting in through faults in your foundation and your vents. If you have openings in your roof, a roofing company like Melton Industries LLC or any local commercial roofing service in your area can perform the necessary repair work. Always make sure you are getting professional contractors who specialize in commercial building repair and maintenance, as they will be the ones who will be most familiar with the common problems that can lead to pest problems.

Check Your Insulation

Your building’s insulation materials might not be up to par and could be making your pest problem worse. Bugs often nest in old insulation material that isn’t secured properly. You may need to have your old material removed and replaced with new insulation to keep bugs away from your business. Installing a vapor barrier can also keep pests from finding your insulation by reducing moisture buildups. Cutting off that source of moisture will make your building inhospitable to pests.

Try Natural Remedies

If you hesitate in using commercial pesticides that contain toxins, you can try creating your own natural remedies to use against bugs. While most food waste attracts bugs, cucumber slices and peels often work great for repelling ants and can be placed around your office. Spiders are often repelled by the smells of peppermint, lavender and cinnamon. If you have a cockroach problem, placing some boric acid in high-up places may keep these pests at bay. Thai lemon grass, sage and rosemary are natural mosquito repellants. These are excellent as preventative measures, but if you have an already-established infestation, you’ll want to consult with a professional exterminator to make sure that the current pests are thoroughly removed.

You can say goodbye to your bug problem and keep both you and your employees safe by taking the right measures. Getting rid of these unwelcomed pests will also allow you to concentrate on important work tasks more effectively. No one wants to worry about ants running into their bag or cockroaches getting into the break room snacks, and with these steps, no one will have to.