Understanding What Clients Want

Understanding what your clients and potential clients really want is the key to selling your product or service. Essentially clients are seeking a solution to some problem they have and you have that solution. However, sometimes businesses don’t even know what the problem is or how to let clients know that they can solve such problems. Take the time to figure out exactly what is needed so you can customize your offerings to fit the needs of those buying.

An essential component of understanding what your clients and potential clients really want is communication. Be sure to create a variety of ways in which clients and potential clients can communicate with you.
–    Have a blog with a section for comments after each post.
–    Write articles and include your contact information in the resource box. Invite comments and suggestions from readers.
–    Do email marketing with contests and other interactive features to get customers involved.
–    Conduct live events like webinars that allow instant feedback.
–    Create social media accounts in Facebook and Twitter, as well as others. Be sure to respond to the comments and questions left by others. This is especially important if the input is negative. How you handle negative feedback speaks volumes about the integrity of your company.
–    If you have salespeople, be sure that they understand the importance of frankly relaying concerns and suggestions from clients.
–    If you have a storefront, have a suggestion box available. Train those who work with customers to share feedback.

Research will also help greatly in the quest to understand what clients want. Do online searches on subjects that touch your industry. What are people talking about? What are they frustrated by? What are they looking for that they can’t find? What similar products and services don’t quite meet their needs? This is all priceless information to help you build your product and service line.