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Ethos 360 is composed of a team of dynamic and successful entrepreneurs, financing specialists, business development experts, sales and marketing gurus, top gun project managers, experienced business credit specialists, and investors. They have founded companies, had them financed, grown them, invested in them, and sold them. Ethos 360 works with businesses of all stages, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

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Ethos 360 has quickly become a well-known figure in the entrepreneurial arena.  They have a long list of satisfied clients that have asked them to a variety of different projects, in numerous arenas.  However, it can be difficult to determine how good Ethos 360 is without digging a little deeper.  This review of Ethos 360 is going to try to shed some light on this growing company in a way that is unbiased and completely truthful

What is Ethos 360?

Ethos 360 has designed a number of different programs and packages to help entrepreneurs at all levels of business creation and growth.  The specifically focus a large portion of their efforts on creating a personally tailored business plan, as well provide business coaching and consulting at all stages of the business cycle.

They give instruction and advice to help clients improve their business regardless of whether it is still being conceptualized, needs more funding, or simply cannot attract clients.  They work with every client on a one-on-one basis in order to ensure maximum results.

Who Will You Work With?

At many firms that create business plans and help grow your business can have to speaking to so many people that it can be difficult to know exactly who is taking care of your business.  Ethos 360 has built their “dream team” comprised of the most experienced and talented business planning professional in the field.  Every MBA consultant has already received multiple awards for business planning.  Additionally, they not commissioned sales people, which means that they will not try to pressure you into buying more services.  Their website and Facebook page both highlight all of their employees, and even announce every new hire.  So far, it seems like they have created a great core of professionals to help you out.

Are They Reliable?

Ethos 360 seems to get rave reviews across the internet, with very few complaints along the way.  Is this a testament to their quality and high standards or just effective imaging?  According to the Better Business Bureau, they really are that good.  In the last 36 months, they have not had a single complaint filed against them.  They also have garnered a long list of impressive clients, many who are still working with Ethos 360, even though they are now Fortune 500 clients.  Some the highlights on their client list include:  Global Synergys Inc., Majestic Properties, 24 Hour Fitness, Quiznos, 7-Eleven, Subway, and many more.  They also feature a number of small businesses on their blog, some of them have less than 10 employees.

Are They Worth It?

At the end of this review, it has been hard pressed to find negative comments about using Ethos 360.  The one complaint that seems to semi-common is the cost.  The down-payment and total cost for their services varies based on a variety of factors, and varies from project to project.  For extremely small businesses, I have seen prices ranging from $900 to several thousand.  However, with so many positive comments, it seems like they are worth the expense.

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