Masterplans Reviews

At MasterPlans they believe in writing business plans better than anyone else.  Former clients include large corporations like Tyco and XO as well as first-time entrepreneurs. Whether you are buying a franchise, opening a restaurant or store, or looking for millions to launch an empire, MasterPlans has done it before.

MasterPlans Writing Service Review

If you are looking to start a business up or have a business that you wish to expand you need to have a quality business plan written, but if your confidence in this area is not the best then you may want to consider a company that will write your business plan for you such as MasterPlans. MasterPlans has delivered over 7,000 documents to their clients over the years and their experience in writing business plans is matched by few, if any, within their industry.

According to the company’s website, most of their business plans can be drafted within one week. Why is this important? It takes hours and hours for a typical business plan to be prepared and written. In fact, the Small Business Administration estimates that over 400 hours will go into the creation of a successful business plan. This means that if you are to go about tackling your business plan on your own you better not have much of a personal life as any time you can spare away from your business will have to be devoted to the writing of your business plan.

MasterPlans employs five professional writers, five professional editors, and five professional researchers who all take a part in developing and writing your business plan. With so many great minds at work you can be sure that the business plan you are left with will be both accurate and effective.

What makes MasterPlans so unique is that they do not try to woo you with the promise of funding. What they do promise is a solid business plan in which you will have at your disposal when you go seek funding. Their number one goal is creating the perfect business plan for you that accurately describes both your vision and your company and is prepared in the format and manner that many funding agencies want to see.

The company has been features in numerous publications with names such as:

•    Business Week
•    Portland Business Journal
•    Inc. 500
•    Entrepreneur

Best of all, with MasterPlans, you get a team that is dedicated to your success and unlike many other business plan writing services, they actually work on a personal level with you. While there may be some things that are e-mailed back and forth, there will also be plenty of phone time as well. In the end you will be left with a business plan that is to your liking and will almost certainly be to the liking of all those who read it.

If you are like most new business owners, the last thing that you probably have time to do is create a business plan. You can probably think of about 1,000 other thing to do with the 400 plus hours it would take you to write your business plan.

Fortunately for you there are companies like MasterPlans that not only have the time to write your business plan for you, but that have the expertise as well. While any business plan writing service will represent an investment of money isn’t it worth it if in the end it means your business dreams actually comes to fruition?

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