Biz Plan Builder Reviews

biz plan builderBiz Plan Builder professional templates make writing a business plan easier than ever. Even seasoned entrepreneurs often don’t know where to begin when they have to put their ideas into words and numbers. With Biz Plan Builder business plan templates, most of the work has already been done for you.

Biz Plan Builder Review

When it comes to creating a business plan, there are a numbers of avenues that you may choose.  Using top quality business plan building software has become much more popular as this type of software has been designed to allow greater customization and flexibility.  However, choosing a quality piece of software can be difficult.  Biz Plan Builder has garnered a lot of recognition lately including the Gold Award from Top 10 Reviews and being named a PC World Best Buy.  Here is a closer look at what BizPlan Builder has to offer.

A Quick Overview

JIAN’s Biz Plan Builder has more than 20 years of business plan software design behind it.  One of the key advantages that this software claims is that it helps point users towards the real purpose of developing a business plan, which is to pitch and sell your business plan as a concept.  It includes step by step instructions for the entire process and includes multi-user capabilities.  One of the key features of the Biz Plan Builder software is that it aims to help people who are interested in starting their business to not only create a plan, but also understand exactly what it consists of.  It even creates best and worst case scenario reports to help business weather hard times and take advantage of good times.

Overall Flexibility

The BizPlan Builder software uses a menu-based interface, which makes finding and creating elements simple.  Additionally, it utilizes a drag and drop system so that users can organize the plan to fit their specific needs.  There are also comments that accompany each element explain what they are and why they are important during the plan development.  The menu-based drag and drop style is important because most other business plan software options force users to create their plan in a strict linear method.  With BizPlan, users can jump around to whatever portion that they need to work on.  The multi-user, collaborative abilities makes this feature especially important.  Additionally, files can be securely stored online to ensure that the collaboration is not geographically constricted.

Included Tools

There are several types of tools that stand out in the BizPlan Builder software.  The first group of tools are the research tools.  Compared to other software options, BizPlan does not include many extensive database statistics tools.  However, there are a number of other research tools that are very helpful including: organization chart builder, templates, surveys, worksheets, business logs, checklists, and more.

The second set of tools are the forecasting tools.  BizPlan Builder includes an up to date forecasting system which includes a suite of budget and feasibility analysis tools and a best/worst case analysis.  There are also financial models for bank loans and SBA loans.  The software is fully integrated with the accompanying excel workbooks, which are color coded and include step by step instructions.  Along with financial tools are supplementary documents and articles.

Finished Product

Printing and publishing with BizPlan Builder is simple.  Plus because of the drag and drop interface, setting up your layout is simple and easy to customize.  Overall, the Biz Plan Builder software seems to have everything needed to create a fully customizable business plan.  This software was designed to not only create a an excellent business plan, but also helps teach and guide new business owners gain a better understanding of their business.

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