Business Plan Pro Reviews

business plan proBusiness Plan Pro has been improved. Their recent release includes these great new additional features:

•    Easier business planning – Updated instructions (including videos) and new video course from planning expert Tim Berry
•    Tools for growing your business -“Plan as you go” option for ongoing business management plus new and improved templates
•    Improved collaboration for planning teams – New notes feature lets you know when your team or partners make comments on your plan.
•    Tons of NEW extras to help you run your business – Start, Run and Grow Your Business software (a $49 value), free domain name for your website, press release builder, and more!

Business Plan Pro matches the exacting requirements of most lenders, angel investors, venture capitalists and the Small Business Administration. Business Plan Pro is used by more U.S. Small Business Development Centers and SCORE offices than any other software.

Review of Business Plan Pro

As the name implies, Business Plan Pro software helps you to create a well written business plan. Why is this important? A business plan is the first thing that any potential investor is going to ask you for when you are attempting to obtain funding. That makes your business plan the most effective tool to have in your business’ tool box.

Business Plan Pro has been helping people create business plans for over 15 years now and they have over 1,000,000 satisfied customers as a result. Actual comments from many of their customers can be found at Business Plan Pro’s website.

Business Plan Pro has several ‘local’ editions that are sold to different countries. There are editions for the US, the UK, and Canada.  This means that no matter what region you are from, there is a Business Plan Pro well suited for your needs.

The company has also been featured in the famous newspaper The Wall Street Journal and has been voted the number one business plan software by NPD Group for the last ten years straight. These accolades speak to how great a product that many feel Business Plan Pro really is.

However, with the good comes the bad and in the case of Business Plan Pro the bad may come down to price. Business Plan Pro actually has two different packages that you can buy known as the “Standard” and the “Premium.” Of course depending on what you want in the way of features will determine how much you pay.

Both come with such features as over 500 business plan samples, 9,000 plus industrial profiles, two business planning e-books, and the ability to import data from Quicken. The premier takes it to the next level though and offers visual cash planning, a business evaluation analysis, and the ability to also expert data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Going back to the price, the Standard costs around $100. While this is comparable to other types of business plan software, the Premium is almost $200 and that price is one of the highest around. However, you sometimes get what you pay for.

One bright note on the company is that they do offer you a 60-day money back guarantee. That means of you are not satisfied with the product for any reason that you can work with the company in order to get your money back. This guarantee lends a vote of confidence to the company as there are many other business plan software programs available today that offer much less of a guarantee, if any at all.

Whatever your ultimate decision on business plan software is, you should at least take a look at Business Plan Pro and see what they have to offer. Unless you are accustomed to writing business plans, you will almost certainly need help. Remember, your business plan will be the key document that everyone you work with from investors to vendors will want to see. In order to have your business thrive, you have to supply them with a top notch and well versed business plan.

Read the following Business Plan Pro customer reviews to help you decide if their business plan software is right for you and your business. Learn more and order about Business Plan Pro.