LivePlan Reviews

lpLivePlan’s features, simple process, and pricing make it a good choice for any business big or small.


Live Plan is loaded with features that take care of everything but the amazing business idea. The tool sets that are included make it the best package for the price. Live Plan has a one-page pitch template that can take your idea and explode it into a profitable business. This template can also be used for adding products or services to your business. It is a one page at a glance picture of your business, product, or service. The Live Plan program allows you to share your entire business with your employees or anyone working with you. It also has controls that allow you to control how much each individual is allowed to have access to.  This feature also allows those who are working with you to make comments, give suggestions, or add ideas.

The financial tools that are included in the software allow you to do just about anything. It provides quick financials, fancy formulas so you don’t have to create them, a full financial picture that lets you see your cash flow and forecast future revenues, and compares your profits to industry averages. LivePlan provides your company with every metric that shows profit, costs, and forecast your revenue. The software also provides graphs and charts that put all your information in an easy to read visual.

You are able to set milestones for your business with the LivePlan software. The software also allows you to plan and track your progress toward your planned milestones.

Finally, the best feature of all is the comprehensive dashboard. The dashboard provides up to the minute progress and the most current data available for your business.

Other features include:

  • Step-by-Step Instruction
  • Expert Advice
  • SBA Approved Forms
  • QuickBooks Online & Xero Integration
  • Access Anytime Anywhere
  • Custom Themes
  • Exportable Plans
  • Multiple Plan Creation
  • Benchmark Data
  • Expert Toll-free Assistance
  • Multi-device Access
  • Secure & Confidential

LivePlan Simple Process

There is a 7 step process to get you going. It can assist any business at any stage of its development. The process works for businesses at any point of their progression and any size of business.

Step 1- Set up your business. Enter all your company information.

Step 2 – Step-by-step assistance to plan your business strategy.

Step 3 – Develop your pitch. Fill in a simple template to give a big picture of your company or product.

Step 4 – With the assistance of over 500 business plans to assist you, you will develop your personal business plan.

Step 5 – Create your budget and forecast.  This will assist in developing your financial plans.

Step 6 – Check your numbers. You can see how you measure up to your competition.

Step 7 – Visit your score board. Connect LivePlan to your accounting software to monitor your actual progress against your projected progress from your plan.

LivePlan Pricing

LivePlan offers a 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee. There are no contracts and no hidden fees.

LivePlan offers two different pricing packages. The first offers a 40% savings by enrolling annually. The plan costs $11.66 per month billed once a year in a single payment. The second package is a monthly package billed at $9.95 for the first month and $19.95 every month following. You can discontinue service at any time.

LivePlan pride themselves on offering investor-ready business plans. You are able to choose custom formatting guaranteeing that the plans will be error-free. They offer SBA approved forms making it easy to use your plan for SBA, investors, business partners and banks.

Another difference setting LivePlan apart from other programs is that it has a modern interface. It is easy to use, and provides videos, examples and live support to help you create the best plan possible.

Finally, LivePlan allows you to track day to day progress in real-time giving you the most up to date information about your company. With its ability to sync with QuickBooks and Xero accounting software, you are able to create the most up to date financial reports at the click of button. This allows the software to compare your plan and performance with businesses like yours. This gives you the most accurate and realistic plan when creating budgets and keeps you on track in your day-to-day operations.