PlanMagic Reviews

With PlanMagic you don’t have to create your own business plan content from scratch.  Each business plan template is fully geared towards the type of business it is to be used for. Easily add project plans, phasing diagrams, floor plans, specific plans and more as is needed. Easily insert financial data from the financial application.

Review of PlanMagic Software

PlanMagic Software was specifically designed to help you write business plans for ventures in an organized, logical way. The software has many different options, depending on which type of business you own and how you want to administer it. The benefit of this system is that every business specific aspect is pre-written, so you save a lot of time. You do not have to star writing administration processes from the beginning. The system was created to optimize business plans and systematize financial information correctly and accurately. You can literally just enter your information on personnel, sales estimates, investments, loans and transactions and then sit back while it creates income statements, balance sheets and cash flow.

PlanMagic Software thus makes it possible for you to analyze your business and future business plans much faster and much more effective and you do not even need a minute’s experience to make use of the system. It is designed to help you as you go along and get to know the system. The different programs make sure to touch on all features of business plans, such as forecasting realistic financial results with editing as changes come along and preparation of presentation and appearance.

The PlanMagic software system is separated into different systems, each representing a different type of venture: the PlanMagic Business system gives “automated financial projections” and includes a tutorial that helps you get acquainted with the process. This truly works in any business and saves large amounts of time that you would otherwise like to spend on other aspects of your business. PlanMagic Retail, on the other hand, helps you manage a store successfully by providing retail business templates, as well as “automated retail store financial projections.” More software is available for construction businesses. The PlanMagic Construction system is ideal for all contractors and can estimate sales, as well as separate costs and schedules for different projects. Other business plan software include PlanMagic Non Profit, so non profit businesses can be expanded an PlanMagic Finance Pro, that provides vital financial information and indicators when you require them. It also includes incredible analysis tools to help you determine strong and weak points in your business.

PlanMagic Marketing and Media Planner help to organize promotion, advertising and public relation campaigns by providing marketing analysis, marketing plans and templates, as well as automated financials and presentations. Other than making business and marketing simpler, you can also acquire PlanMagic Software for the hospitality industry (PlanMagic Resort, Hotel, B&B, Restaurant, Bar and Coffee Bar) to help manage accommodation, menus, prices, sales, financials, employee information, rentals and to analyze future plans and prospects.

The PlanMagic system clearly makes starting a business much simpler and helps you make the finer details of the business just as important by wasting less time on financial and analysis aspects. You should, however, always make sure your financials are entered correctly and make sure the system is always running successfully. Do not leave everything to the technology, because it is just designed to help you and not to do the whole job for you.

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