4 Items Every Office Manager Should Always Have in Stock

Being prepared is one way to be a successful office manager. Having extra supplies on hand can go a long way in helping both employee and company productivity.

Flash Drives

Flash drives are one of the most popular ways to back up information and make it portable. Regardless of your line of work, having extra flash drives can help solve a variety of problems and are often overlooked due to the recent popularity of cloud storage. Backing up information to flash drive allows for productivity to continue in cases of the internet going down or cloud storage companies having server issues.

Pens & Pencils

Perhaps the most obvious thing on this list, writing utensils always seem to mysteriously disappear. Plus with the digitalization of the modern age, it can be easy to forget just how important these more primitive office supplies are. However, there are always documents to sign and leaving notes is sometimes convenient for everyone. Having something to write with is always important in any office.

Emergency Kit

A small emergency kit should be stored somewhere central that all employees can access it. Keeping it hidden may result in a level of embarrassment and not having one at all may lead to losing valuable time with your employees. It should contain general first aid items as well as some items that employees may need. Contact solution, pads, tampons, coffee K-cups, and headache relievers are conveniences for your employees that will increase comfort and therefore productivity. If there are any special needs in your office, keep in mind what may enhance your personal office emergency kit. If your office has a freezer, an ice pack is always a nice touch as well.

Phone Chargers

Many offices do a lot of mobile work and that can drain a battery quickly. Having a couple of spare chargers can help keep productivity up instead of having to run back to the desk for every e-mail to ensure you have the battery to GPS your way back home. There are only a handful of major chargers and you can hold your employees responsible for returning them with a check-out process to avoid theft or being taken advantage of.

Keeping employees happy and comfortable is proven to increase productivity. Assist in making your work environment optimal for everyone and you should be seeing increased moods which tend to help with customer relations in addition to better work output.