4 Tips to Enhance Your Work Portfolio in Videogame Development

Everyone who wants to work in the field of gaming needs to have a good portfolio. What should go in that portfolio, though, varies from person to person. If you’re looking for a way to pad out what you already have, you may want to look at the four tips below.

Start Making Apps

There are relatively few entities in the gaming world that aren’t at least a little interested in the mobile space. One of the best ways to get attention and to build up your portfolio is to transform your early games into simple apps. Doing so not only helps you to get your name in front of more people, but it gives those who would like to look at your work an easy way to interact with your final products.

Make Resources for Others

Another good way to build up your portfolio is to do freelance work for others. Whether you’re doing some coding during crunch time or creating textures for a friend, you can point towards those products as your own work. Being part of a larger team is incredibly important in game development, so showing that you are able to contribute to a bigger team’s success can be a good way to build up your value.

Sell Your Games

The best way to build up your portfolio is to start selling your games on platforms like Xsolla. Doing so gets your work out in front of a wide audience and you can use that experience to convince publishers and developers that you’ve got what it takes to make real games. Even if your games never turn a real profit, proving that you can put a game that’s ready for the public out for sale can be incredibly impressive.

Look Outside Gaming

Finally, be willing to do some work outside of the gaming space. If you trend towards graphic design, take on projects for advertising agencies and for websites. If you are a programmer, work on apps and make products that appeal to other consumers. Building up your portfolio isn’t about showing off how much you love games – it’s about showing that you have the ability to do the work that’s necessary to help a company become successful.

If you want to enhance your profile, make sure that you’re creating work that shows off your skills. Even if the work isn’t in the gaming space, you can still prove that you’d be a valuable addition to a team by showing that you have the ability to complete projects. When you’re ready to step into the bigger world of development, this portfolio will be your ticket to something amazing.