5 Common Branding Blunders Small Businesses Make

Starting up a small business is difficult for a multitude of reasons. Often you don’t have the same resources as a large company which makes your company prone to small mistakes that you may not even realize that you’re making. The marketing world is new to many small business owners so here are five things to look out for as you get started.


A logo that isn’t professional can make or break a business. Few people are willing to spend money on something that looks like it was done in paint with stock photos. Anyone can put these together. Do yourself and your business a favor and hire a professional to make your logo unless you have a lot of graphic design and marketing knowledge. This doesn’t necessarily have to be crazy expensive, although you usually get what you pay for. There are many people with graphic design experience and degrees giving out great deals when they get started, but they will know less about the marketing aspects of it.

Image Quality

Phones take decent pictures in today’s day and age, but they are not appropriate for website images. Professional equipment for your photos is important in making your website successful. Blurry photos that you can’t effectively zoom in on will make people question the quality of your products and services. Invest in a high-quality camera or hire a professional to take photos.

Brand Consistency

This is one of the most common problems for new businesses. It’s easy to want to try a little of everything to see what works best. Without consistency, your company isn’t memorable. It also looks a little sloppy and indecisive. Pick a look for your company and stick with it across platforms. Don’t let your messages conflict.

Customer Service

A lot of new businesses are side businesses to start, but they will never grow past this if you allow customer service to slack. Customer Service can make or break a company. Customers will review your site across multiple platforms and this is one of the most mentioned topics. They will rarely jump on to say a product is great unless you are offering an incentive. However, many customers are quick to jump on social media to share their incredible or terrible customer service stories. Make sure you’re on the good side and go above and beyond to help your business soar.


If you’re typography is outdated, it makes consumers question what else is outdated in your business. This can lead to safety, sanitation, or quality concerns for many. At the very least, using the wrong fonts will look childish and unprofessional. Keep it simple and make it flow with the rest of your look.

Look at Portafolios

You should hire professionals. This can be an easy way to avoid the most common marketing errors. Hiring a design agency allows you to have your look made for you with as much or as little input as you desire. This ensures that everything about your look is both professional and put together with as much flow as possible. This can make a big difference for consumers in trusting a new business.