5 Tips for Making Your Small Business Stand out

In nearly every industry there’s so much competition that it’s increasingly difficult to establish your own unique identity. It’s a challenge for any small business that has to compete with the corporate brands that have big marketing budgets. But with a little creativity and good business sense, it’s not impossible to make your company stand out. Here are some ways to get started.

Focus on Customer Service

The best way to make your mark is through such good customer service that your own customers become your brand advocates. For 75 percent of consumers, good service determines their brand loyalty. Customer retention is also the best way to grow your business. Gather feedback, do the research, and find ways to enrich your customers’ experience with your company at every point of interaction.

Establish Trust

You’d be surprised how many business owners overlook this one key to success. The more your customers have confidence in your product and services, the more likely they are to come back and to recommend you to friends. Be consistent in your message, admit mistakes, and live up to your promises. That will be enough to set your brand apart from others that rely on deception and quick profits.

Innovative Marketing

Successful marketing is about staying in touch with consumer expectations and delivering in your own way. A distinctive logo, attractive graphics, a catchy slogan, and attention-grabbing spokespeople or mascots are important. But you can engage people in other ways with your unique personality, company story, philosophy, and mission. Make sure your marketing campaigns are timely, authentic, and fresh.

Ads That Get Attention

Know your target market and their behavior. Be sure you’re advertising to the right people in the right places. But look for new visual ideas. Advertising should have one goal—to get attention. When you put up business signs, make them bright, readable, and of creative shapes and materials. Don’t be so outrageous that your ads are weird or obnoxious, unless that fits your brand. But you want to be hard to ignore.

Build a Strong Digital Presence

Even if you’re a company that relies on local clients, don’t overlook the value of the internet in distinguishing yourself. Millions of people are using the web to shop. Get a website and attract interest through online games or contests, surveys, and downloadable apps or coupons. Consider the power of social media and blogging. Producing a regular flow of engaging content allows you to define your brand in any way you wish.

Nobody can be truly creative every time, all the time. Invite your employees and your customers to make suggestions and come up with fresh ideas. They’ll probably have fun with it, which is good for you.