5 Ways to Encourage Business Security Inside and Out

If you’ve built your business from the ground up, then you want to protect it. The idea of criminals and spies stealing assets and information to your detriment is unforgivable. To make sure your business is safe both on the inside and the outside, consider these five methods to implement immediately.

Access Point Restriction

If you have rooms in your business that shouldn’t allow just anyone to walk into them, then you need access point restriction. Keycards can be an effective tool to keep employees and customers with low or no clearance out of the rooms with important merchandise or information stored there.


Another staple of security that continues to benefit business owners is surveillance. You shouldn’t just install it outside or over high-priced merchandise either. Cashier and employee-filled rooms should also have surveillance installed. This can help you keep an eye on any corporate spies or other criminals lurking within your staff. With many Smart options now available, you can easily have the footage sent to your phone, so you can always keep an eye on your business.

Motion Sensor Doors/Windows

For businesses that do not run 24/7, you might want to have motion sensors installed on the doors and windows of your business. This can immediately alert you, your security guards, or your surveillance monitoring team that something is amiss. If a window or door is used when no one should be in the building, your team can act immediately to the situation.


To better protect the outside of your business and parking lot, you should have bright lights installed. Not only will this keep criminals from entering the light in order to access your business, but it can also cut down on the chances of people utilizing your parking lot for criminal behavior.

Security Guards

One of the best ways to improve the security of your business is also the standard. Security guards continue to be the best agent for negating crime. Even by just having guards on the property, customers tend to feel a lot safer. Criminals are also more inclined to choose another business to rob instead of yours. They can also keep an eye on your employees in the event that someone attempts to steal information.

Making your business safe is paramount to its long term survival. These tips can improve the overall security of your location and keeping you running without interruption.