A Delightful Departure: 4 Tips for Celebrating Your Retiring Employee

Retirement involves a lot of mixed emotions. Some people feel bittersweet about it, others dread it, and some are glad that their day has finally arrived. No matter how your employee feels about their retirement, they will appreciate a celebration of their milestone. A retirement celebration honors the contributions of the employee to the company, their connection to their coworkers, and the adventures that lay ahead of them. Here are four tips to help your retiring employee have a delightful departure.

Plan a Proper Party

You can be as elaborate or as simple as you feel appropriate for your employee’s retirement celebration. Chances are you already know some of their favorite foods and other interests. The party doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be thoughtful. Make it special by inviting their family, bringing their favorite dessert, and incorporating some of their favorite shows or hobbies into the decorations. Depending on the budget, you may opt to have the celebration during off hours at a separate venue.

Find a Thoughtful Gift

Your employee will get gifts from their coworkers, but the one from you should be extra special. You can also opt to pool money with your other employees to get a few very nice presents. The latter option is appropriate if everyone in the office has known each other for quite some time. If you are purchasing a gift that’s just from you, personalized gifts are always a thoughtful option.

Prepare a Presentation and a Speech

Your employee’s retirement celebration is the time and place to highlight all of their achievements and memorable moments. This can be as formal or informal as you like. Ask your other employees to send you any pictures that they have with the retiree and to share their memories. Bring the tissues; this part can get emotional sometimes!

Present a Company Award

Aside from the gifts from you and your employees, the retiree should also receive an award that is appropriate for the number of years they served with the company and their position. This could be a plaque, a watch, a ring, or a trophy that has their name, position, and the name of your company on it. You can present it at the end of your commemorative speech.

Planning a retirement celebration for your employee can be a fun and rewarding experience. From picking out the perfect gift to figuring out details like catering and music, you will find that making your employee feel appreciated is easy. If you want to ensure that your employee’s celebration is accompanied by a tasty meal, Z Prime Steakhouse serves up satisfying food to go with any event. After all, the stomach is the best way to a person’s heart.