Competent Hires: How to Find the Best Person for the Job

Getting applications for a job listing is easy, but finding the right person for your open position can feel impossible. After dozens of interviews, many people are flabbergasted that they still can’t seem to find someone that “clicks” with their company. Before you return to the job boards, check out these three tips to make sure you get the best candidates for the job. 

Refine Your Job Description

Many people focus solely on responsibilities and qualifications, but isn’t your job so much more than that? It’s important to make sure that you capture the essence of a title in your job listing so it resonates with the right kind of people. 

Besides education requirements and previous experience, highlight key characteristics and personality traits you’re looking for in a future hire. 

Incorporate Your Company’s Culture into Your Post

What are the driving principles of your business? Make sure that you adopt the right tone and style for your job listing. Be professional, but don’t be afraid to have fun. You want to make sure that your post attracts people who already manifest the key elements of your work culture. 

If you aren’t sure what that is yet, brainstorm and identify the key features that define your office. When you understand your company’s culture, presenting its personality and attracting the right kind of people becomes much easier. 

Get Outside Help

Whether you want to pair up with a staffing agency or get some name-matching software, looking to outside resources can help take the tedium out of the hiring process. You won’t have to spend hours sifting through resumes; with the right software or recruiter, you can focus solely on conducting the best interviews with the most qualified candidates. 

Don’t Forget to Connect With Candidates

Hiring managers must put in as much effort as their applicants. While it’s easy to simply run off a checklist and send out a bunch of generic emails, you can’t forget to connect with the people who come in for interviews. Everyone sounds about the same when answering questions, so if you really want to find out what a candidate is like, converse with them. 

Don’t be afraid to go off-script. People will surprise you with what they have to offer when given the opportunity. You may want to consider hiring people who don’t fit every qualification but possess all the qualities you’re looking for in a new hire. Flexibility is important in the workplace and that includes the hiring process.