Keep Your Production Going: 4 Essential Equipment That You Need

Manufacturing companies utilize a variety of systems and equipment that allows for higher levels of productivity. However, just one delay in this production process can significantly alter manufacturers’ efficiency. Manufacturing companies hoping to improve their productivity should consider the following suggestions.

Conveyor Belt Support

As conveyor belt support is an integral part of the production process, companies need to be sure to choose quality conveyor belt supporting structures to guarantee more efficient processes. A lack of belt support can severely damage the conveyor belt, resulting in inefficiency and lost production time. Moreover, this type of damage due to faulty belt support will result in costly belt repairs or replacement.

Avoid this kind of situation by using the proper conveyor belt support. This type of support accounts for the speed of the belts while offering reinforcement for heavy-duty impact beds. Ideal belt supporting structure design will also guarantee that the belt doesn’t drift off center and will stay on track during production.

Air Cannon

Used to promote bulk materials through chutes, silos, stockpiles, and hoppers, air cannons are another device that is essential to proper production. The right air cannon system will blast compressed air to dislodge any blockages and prevent build-up, effectively improving productivity across the board. As blockades like clinging materials, rat holes, and similar issues are a common occurrence in production, it’s important that companies install the most effective air cannons in their factories.


Vibrators also help to maximize productivity during the manufacturing process. With high-quality industrial vibrators, manufacturers can easily keep materials from clinging together or sticking to container walls. Using high-functioning vibrators helps to ensure a smooth workflow while guaranteeing minimal product loss. Additionally, using this equipment when handling bulk materials allows companies to overcome any problems with discharging on their production line.

Impact Beds

In addition to installing proper belt support, an air cannon system, and vibrators, proper production processes require the use of impact beds. These beds are used to protect the conveyor belt at especially vulnerable transfer point areas, working to keep conveyed material in place. Moreover, the right impact beds help absorb shock loads, which is an essential element in the manufacturing process.

Don’t let the productivity of your manufacturing company suffer due to malfunctioning equipment. Keep this guide in mind as you work to make changes to your company’s efficiency.