What You Can Do to Help Your Employees Keep Learning and Growing

An organization is only as successful as its employees. When you give your staff the chance to think outside the box you also attract new talent through excited word-of-mouth. There are a couple of ways to keep your staff energized, which you can customize based on time, company size, and of course budget.

Advertise Professional Development Opportunities

Keep alert about trends in your field. Are there industry-specific conferences that you or your colleagues can attend? Speak to your finance department about funding that may be available to sponsor attendance at the event. Give a presentation about what you’ve learned when you return. Consider hiring an industry thought-leader to talk about best practices at one of your staff meetings. Share practical application of this knowledge with an interactive workshop.

Organize Team-Building Exercises

These types of exercises have many benefits. They boost morale and encourage bonding. You’ll teach your employees valuable life skills about creativity and critical thinking. Plus, it’s always fun to change up your workday. Examples range from typical “ice-breaker” activities where your employees share personal details, to problem-solving exercises that require greater collaboration. And who doesn’t love the classic “egg-drop” challenge?

Provide Industry-Specific Training

Have a good awareness of the certifications your field requires. Some certifications in the information technology field involve Security+ testing. Extra training makes your employees achieve personal satisfaction. You are supporting them in their career progress.

Give an inside Look

Some companies have a very clear hierarchy. Respect this structure while also making it accessible. Organize regular all-staff meetings where everyone can share their most recent projects. Encourage a Q & A session at the end so your employees can discover what really goes on in other departments.

Conduct Regular One-on-Ones

Depending on the size of your organization, your employees might feel lost in the shuffle. Reverse that trend and provide individualized attention. A biweekly (or even weekly) meeting with your direct subordinate makes them feel supported. They become more comfortable asking you for advice and, in turn, are inspired to work harder.

Create Incentives for Hard Work

This could be a clever awards ceremony once a year or a benefits package that increases the longer your employees stay with your company. Prioritize promoting internally over hiring outside candidates.

Always look for potential within your employees. Encourage them to see it for themselves, too!